GrooveShine is a band from Santa Barbara, CA that combines funk, reggae and hip hop rhythms with singer-songwriter acoustic grooves.

New Album • MIXIMUS MAXIMUSMarch 2015


“GrooveShine releases Miximus Maximus, a 16-track compilation blending reggae, funk, and hip-hop elements into one of the most innovative and danceable hometown releases of the year thus far.”
Cassandra Miasnikov, Santa Barbara Independent – March 12, 2015

“Chasin a freak” – 92.9 KJEE Localize it Pick of the Week 8/4/14

“We have never had so many people recommend a band to us in advance! Every week, someone comes in raving about them. Huge buzz!! We are so excited.”
Lisbet Frey, Green Art People – July 2014

“GrooveShine effortlessly combines funk, hip-hip and plenty of reggae – resulting in that elusive groove and a packed dance floor, just like a jam band show, a reggae show, a funk show or a hip hop show. Truly democracy with a beat, GrooveShine features Mchugh and a revolving cast of players and a number of different vocalists all operating within that ubiquitous groove.”
Bill Locey, Ventura County Star – July 2014

“GrooveShine is a playful, yet soulful band that is reminiscent of bands such as Slightly Stoopid, Phish, and Ozomatli. GrooveShine without a doubt has the musical creativity that can push forward a new movement of feel good vibes that is somewhat lacking in today’s musical tastes.”
Jesse Till, Music Industry News – July 2014

“An upbeat, celebratory feel-good album with hooks galore and rhythm to spare, ‘GrooveShine’ is perfectly named and a sonic delight from start to finish.”
S. McCauley, Mondo Press – June 2014

“Attention club owners, promoters, and bar managers: I just had GrooveShine and they were awesome. They have really made strides in their music, and they are a lot of fun. If you haven’t booked them, I highly recommend you do, and if you have, then I recommend them to be a monthly gig in your club. They are really good in promoting their events, and they have a great following.”
Jerry Hudson, Santa Barbara Local Musicians